PCA General Qs

  • What is PCA?

    Simply put we are a property management platform for small landlords and homeowners with lots of perks and cool stuff.

  • How to Join PCA?

    You can register to PCA by clicking on our PCA Memberships tab and selecting to join as a homeowner, landlord, or contractor.

  • Can I join as sub-contractor?

    Yes, as long as you are a professional in your industry and have the appropriate license to work in your state, you can join as a sub-contractor or small business.  Please keep in mind, we check all professionals that join our network.

  • Can I join as a home-owner AND landlord?

    If you join as a landlord, you will automatically get the homeowner benefits, just go ahead and add your tenants in addition to your property. and you will be serviced as well for your property.

  • Does PCA Offer Tenant Screening?

    We currently DO offer tenant screening as an additional add on once you are a member.  We are hoping to add it as a part of our plans in the near future.

  • Does PCA Offer Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus?

    Working on it! Come back soon.

  • What are your hours?

    We are open 24/7 for our members, for new customers inquiring about our services we are here to serve you from 8am – 8pm EST United States.