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Prospect Hardwood Flooring

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  • Highly durable finish coatings to extend the life of your flooring investment
    • Oil-based: Oil modified urethane is often called “poly” and is the most common wood floor finish. It is very durable and adds a rich, amber tone due to its golden blond color. Oil-based finishes have a stronger odor when drying and take between 7-8 hours to do so.
    • Water-based: Water-based finishes are durable and faster drying (2-3hrs). Generally, clear in color, they are environmentally-friendly nearly odorless.
  • Intricate pattern work
  • Refinish stairs or install new treads and risers
  • Refinish hand rails to match existing or new custom blend color of floors
  • Custom blend stain colors to match your décor
  • Specialists in difficult wood staining, antique or reclaimed flooring
  • New moulding installation
  • Board replacement for problem areas
  • Carpet removal and disposal available

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