The PCA Club wishes safety, love, and health to everyone in this trying time of COVID-19.  We will be doing everything possible to support our members, contractors and others in need as much as we can.

As the quarantine continues, we will expect maintenance and service requests to decline, which in turn will lead to contractors not being able to work, and homeowners and landlords not being able to get services.

The following changes will apply to our memberships in response to COVID -19.

  1. Contractors and Vendors (existing or new) will receive an additional year membership for free.
  2. Landlords (existing or new) will receive 3 months free membership starting the next billing cycle).
  3. Homeowner Concierge Plus members will receive 3 months service for 50% of current membership fee.

We’d like to send a BIG THANK YOU to contractors assisting our elderly members in need of emergency maintenance services.  Please remember to practice safety measures as suggested by the Center for Disease Control as you continue to assist those in need.

We will be sending a safety and communication e-mail out to all PCA Members.  Please stay safe, stay healthy, and feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.  Our staff will be working from home, and are willing to assist you with whatever you need.  Thank you for being a part of our community.


Do you still have people requesting services?  

Yes, unfortunately the current conditions do not stop the unfortunate event of an emergency maintenance need.  We are doing our best to handle these requests, and/or keeping request that are not urgent on a list to refer once things are back on track.

Is it still ok for me to sign up as a contractor?   

Yes, you can sign up anytime you want, as stated you will get a 2 year membership for the price of one if you do.  In addition, signing up will only help us confirm that we will have enough contractors to send out to our members when services start to catch up.

How do I sign up for the disaster network?  

You can easily sign up for the disaster network by filling out the form n your account under the Disaster Network Host tab.

Is the disaster network assisting with COVID-19?  

We are working with professionals to assist with any families needing assistance with food and water for COVID-19.  Since our network is new, we are limited, but open to any new supporters that would like to sign up.

Can I join the disaster network if I’m not a member?  

We are only accepting membership from members for tracking and safety at the moment.