It is important for both landlords and their tenants to be well informed on how this works. This is key to making fair decisions based on who truly qualifies for the moratorium and reducing the impact it will have on small landlords.

Right of the bat, these are the eligible renters that, according to the CDC guidelines, qualify for this extension:

  • Those with an annual income of $99,000 or less for an individual or $198,000 or less for joint filers.
  • Those who’ve used their best efforts to obtain government assistance for rent or housing.
  • Those who’ve lost income (maybe hours or wages) or have extraordinary medical expenses.
  • Those using best efforts to make partial payments on time that are as close to full payments as circumstances allow.
  • Those that eviction would likely make them homeless or forced to move into a shared or congregate living situation.
  • Those who live in a county with “substantial” or “high” levels of community transmission of COVID-19.

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